~ The Happy Moment ~

Hector Hedgehog and his friend Holly are looking for happiness. When they lay down in the grass to wait for a happy moment, a frog shows them how he enjoys hopping around and catching flies. While trying another time to find happiness, the call of a cuckoo promises both of them that they will experience something nice. They have a delicious picnic, watch the butterflies dancing and enjoying their life and finally realise that they have experienced a happy day. They now understand that one cannot just wish happiness, because it is always there, you must just see it!


The Happy Moment

The scenery is divided into three parts. On the central scenery you can see a meadow with flowers and trees. On the scenery to stage left a frog in a waterhole and a cuckoo on a tree and on the right part butterflies can be seen. The three narrators are sitting in the front of the scenery to stage right.

Narrator 1:    Once upon a time there was a little hedgehog. His name was Hector.

Narrator 2:    On a nice summer day he strolled across a meadow.

The little hedgehog enters the stage and walks a few times from one side to the other.

Narrator 1:    Then his little friend came running to the meadow. Her name was Holly.

The Narrators leaves the stage.

Holly Hedgehog:    Hello, Hector. How are you?

Hector Hedgehog:    Hello, Holly. How are you?

Holly Hedgehog:    Please, tell me Hector, can you just wish yourself happiness and then really get it?

Hector Hedgehog:    No, that's not possible, Holly.

Holly Hedgehog:    But perhaps at least a short happy moment, would that be possible?

Hector Hedgehog:    That I don't know, Holly, but I don't think it will work either.

Holly Hedgehog:    Shall we try it out once? Would you like that, Hector?

Hector Hedgehog:    Oh yes, Holly, but how can we do that?

Holly Hedgehog:    We just say: we are wishing us a happy moment and then we lay down here in the grass, look to the sky and are quite alert.

They do so.

Hector Hedgehog:    Do you sense already something, Holly?

Holly Hedgehog:    I feel a little bit dizzy.

At this moment a loud croak can be heard.

Hector Hedgehog:    Hallo, what's this we've got there?

Now the frog hops on the stage, dances a "frog-dance" and stops.


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