~ The Tower of Babel ~

On the basis of the Old Testament the play tells the story about the tower that was never finished. The King of Babylon Nabopolassar wants his kingdom to become the biggest of the world and Babylon the most magnificent city in the world. He, therefore, orders his highest general to conquer other kingdoms and his chief architect to build higher walls and bigger houses. But most important was the construction of a tower so immense that it would have its top in the heavens. When God discovers this, he punishes men for their megalomania and confuses their languages. In the end they could not understand each other any more. 


The Tower of Babel

The stage set is divided into three parts. The central part shows the Tower of Babylon (small). The left part shows part of the Wall of Babylon (small) with the Ishtar-Gate, the right part the inside of a king’s palace. In front of this a throne is set up. On the right edge of the stage sit four narrators, dressed up in a traditional old Babylon costume (long tunic-like shirts and lots of jewellery).A sign reads: In Babylon, many thousands of years ago.

Narrator 1:        Many thousands of years ago there was a big kingdom in the Two-Stream-Land. 

Narrator 2:       The capital of this kingdom was Babylon.

Points to the stage sets.

Narrator 3:        The King of Babylon was called Nabopolassar and he had his palace in Babylon.

Points to the King’s palace.
Nabopolassar comes on stage, behind him, two slaves, who carry an umbrella and fans. He takes his seat on the throne.

Nabopolassar(to the slaves):     Go and get me the Highest General and the Chief Architect.

The slaves do this and come back with those persons mentioned who fall on their knees in front of the King and say.

Highest General and Chief Architect:    I salute you, o’ King Nabopolassar.

Nabopolassar:    I salute you, Highest General and Chief Architect. I have to tell you something.

Highest General and Chief Architect:     We are listening, King.

Nabopolassar:    As you know, our kingdom is very big and Babylon is a marvellous city.

Highest General and Chief Architect:    We know this, o’ King.

Nabopolassar:    I would like us to become the biggest kingdom in the world and Babylon the most magnificent city in the world. 


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