~ The Gigantic Bow and Arrow ~

This story is about mans attempt and to rule over nature. Once upon a time there was a large kingdom suffering from a long lasting draught that caused only poor harvests. On the royal councillers advice, a very big bow with a large arrow was built to tear off a part of the sun’s disc. This being done the problem seemed to be solved but soon there was a new and very dangerous threat. Due to the colder weather strange monsters spread all over the country. In their misery people now tried to restore the sun’s old shape. But they had to learn that it is much more difficult to repair the sun than to destroy it.


The gigantic Bow and Arrow

Scene 1

The First Plan

Narrator 1:    Once upon a time there was a great kingdom near the sea, surrounded by very thick high walls. Beyond these walls there lived terrible multi-headed monsters.

Narrator 2:    A queen both just and very clever ruled over this kingdom protectively. Her people brought her many gifts, for they honoured and loved the queen.

The Queen enters regally and sits down on her throne. There follows a splendid procession of people bringing gifts and laying them before the queen.

Narrator 3:    The people grew corn and kept cattle; and mostly they were content. Then, after three thirsty summers with no rain, a great drought brought trouble to the country.

Narrator 4:    These three summers were hot and terrible, so the people sent their representatives to the Queen for help.

The representatives enter and bow to the queen.

Representatives:    Your Majesty, we need your help.

Queen:    You are welcome. I have heard of your troubles.

First Representative:    Here in the palace you are well protected from the terrible drought.

Second Representative:    Outside our rivers are drying up.

Third Representative:    The sun burns our corn in the fields and the grass in the meadows.

Fourth Representative:    Our animals are dying one by one.

Fifth Representative:    Please let our dancers show you our problems. Then you will understand the disaster with your heart.

Queen:    Then let your show begin. I will watch it.

Dancers run onto the stage. One plays the sun, burning brightly and fiercely. Others dance with rivers of blue silk, that gradually disappear. Dancers with sheaves of corn and dancers representing cattle all gradually collapse and die in the drought.


Carpenters:    Measuring and fitting,
                       Sawing, sawing, sawing.
                       Hitting true and splitting,
                       Loud and noisy roaring.
Armourers and Carpenters:    Hammer, hammer, hammer
                                                 Pulsing, beating, clamour.    
                                                 Rapping, rapping, rapping,
                                                 Tapping metal, tapping.

Narrator 2:    Gradually the bow became gigantic.

Narrator 3:    From end to end the bow measured more than 300 feet.

Narrator 4:    At last the bow was erected and ready to fire. The Queen announced the great day.

Narrator 1:    Many people gathered in the field outside the town.

The people come on stage to watch.

Narrator 2:    They came to watch the spectacle.

Narrator 3:    They admired the gigantic bow and arrow.

Narrator 4:    The people were hopeful that the terrible drought would soon be over.

Musicians enter, e.g. a trumpeter and a drummer. There is a flourish of trumpets (or a similar signal). The Queen and the Councillors appear.

Queen:        Well done armourers and carpenters. The bow is truly gigantic.

Councillor 3:    Astronomers, you may begin!

Narrator 1:    The astronomers had worked hard on the calculation of the exact angle.  

Narrator 2:    The bow was aimed very carefully at the sun.

Narrator 3:    Many men and women were needed to bend the huge bow.

Councillor 3:    You may begin, drummer. On the tenth beat the arrow shall be fired.

The drummer first beats a drum roll and then slowly the ten single beats. On the tenth beat the arrow is fired.

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