~ The Demon ~

This play is about war and the use of violence. War is symbolized by a masked demon. The demon at first lures the innocent people to come to him by making great promises, but then takes off his mask and poisons the people so that they start fighting and even killing each other. A courageous and clever little tailor finally succeeds in driving the demon away.


The Tale

Music plays for a short moment.

Narrator 1:    Once upon a time, in the dim and distant past, when the earth was still populated by demons, there was a large kingdom

The King comes on stage.

Narrator 2:    The King in this empire ruled justly and wisely. All inhabitants were very happy with him and therefore brought him many gifts.

Some inhabitants come on stage, carrying flowers which they put down in front of the King; kneeling down. Then they leave the stage again.

Narrator 3:    Everybody would have been entirely happy if there hadn’t also been the Miasma-Demon.

The Miasma-Demon comes on stage, music plays, and he stops in front of the left stage set. He is wearing a mask.

Narrator 4:    This Miasma-Demon was a terrible affliction for all the inhabitants of the Kingdom.

Narrator 1:    He could suddenly and unexpectedly turn up anywhere within the Kingdom.

Narrator 2:    Wherever he appeared, he blew miasma right into the face of the inhabitants.

Narrator 3:    All, who inhaled this miasma completely lost their mind and began to argue with their neighbours. He beat them down and blindly destroyed everything around him. Hundreds of thousands and even millions of inhabitants were driven out of their mind in this way. The inhabitants were split into two parties which fought against other.

Narrator 4:    But what was particularly dangerous about the demon was that he was always wearing a beautiful mask on his face, so that no one could see his ugly face.

Narrator 1:    Using his mask, he made big promises to the inhabitants and even gave them presents.

Some inhabitants come on stage and stop in front of the demon.

Miasma-Demon:    I promise you anything you can think of. Just come closer! I’ve brought some gifts for you. Just come closer to me.


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