~ How God Created the World ~

The play narrates the history of Creation with fantasy and many dances. In seven days, God created sky and earth, the plants, the sun, the moon and the stars, the animals and finally Adam and Eve. After God had entrusted men to preserve everything and to be careful with his creation, God rested on the seventh day.


How God Created the World

The stage set can consist of one continuous part or it can be divided into three parts (in this case the central part should be wider than the side parts). All stage sets show blue sky in their upper third. The bottom parts each show mixed pieces of land and water (e.g. many small islands) and are detachable. They are detached during the course of the advancing story. Underneath, in the left section of the central part, one will see green land whereas the right section will show the sea. On the right edge of the stage set sit four narrators. A sign reads: “How God created the world”.

Narrator 1:    Dear audience, we would like to show you now how God created the world (music).

Narrator 2:    In the beginning, God created sky and earth (points at the upper and lower parts of the stage set).

Narrator 3:    But the earth was desolate and empty (music).

Narrator 4:    Then God separated earth from water. Earth became land and water became the sea (music).

Change of stage set.

Narrator 1:    Now, God created the plants: flowers and trees.

Two children dressed as flowers come on stage and dance the flowers‘ dance. Then they say.

Flowers:    We are the daisies (bell flowers or similar).

Then they line up in front of the section of the middle stage set which shows land. Then the trees come on stage, dance the trees‘ dance and say.

Trees:    We are the apple trees (fir trees or similar).

Then they line up with the flowers.

Narrator 2:    And God saw that all was good.

Narrator 3:    Then God created the sun, the moon and the stars.

The sun, the moon and the stars come on stage (together or individually), dance the sun’s dance (stars‘ dance) and line up in a slightly elevated  position behind the plants.

Narrator 4:    This way day and night and the seasons came into existence.


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