~ Journey to the Horizon ~

Hector Hedgehog goes on an adventurous journey to find the horizon. By ship he crosses several oceans and meets the inhabitants of three mysterious islands. On the Island of Calm a wise woman helps him to understand the horizon’s secret: Behind each horizon you have reached the next one will emerge and bring new challenges. Happily Hector continues his journey from horizon to horizon by crossing the endless, dangerous and beautiful sea.

Cover of "Journey to the Horizon"


Journey to the Horizon

The central section of the scenery shows fish, jellyfish and starfish swimming in a sparkling sea. The scenery on the right stage shows a wooded island. The scenery to stage left shows an iceberg. Four narrators sit to stage right.

Narrator 1:   Once upon a time there was a little hedgehog. His name was Hector.

Narrator 2:   One day he went for a walk along the seashore.

Hector Hedgehog comes on stage, walks up and down and looks out to sea.

Narrator 3:   The sea was twinkling and glittering in the sun, as if it were covered with millions of precious jewels.

Narrator 4:   Vast green waves thundered onto the beach and, on breaking, threw up a spray of sparkling water and shivering rainbows. 

Narrator 1:   When Hector Hedgehog shaded his eyes he could make out the fine line of the horizon beyond the gleaming water and trembling rainbow light. And he said

Hector Hedgehog:   How beautiful the sea is. I would really like to know what is hidden beyond the horizon.

Narrator 2:   So Hector Hedgehog climbed into a boat and set sail. He headed out to sea on a journey to the horizon.

Music plays. Hector Hedgehog gets into his boat.

Narrator 3:   The sun was shining, the ship was rocked gently by the waves and Hector Hedgehog was very happy.

Narrator 4:   When the wind became stronger and the waves became bigger, the boat was rocked rather more and Hector Hedgehog felt a little seasick. But only a little.

Narrator 1:   And so Hector Hedgehog sailed across the sea for many days. But whenever he reached the spot where the horizon should have been, it had already retreated into the distance again.

Narrator 2:   At last, after a long time, an island emerged on the horizon.

Narrator 3:   Hector Hedgehog steered his boat towards the island, tied it fast and went ashore.

Hector Hedgehog leaves his boat, and is welcomed by the people of the Sun Island.

Islanders altogether:   Greetings, Hector Hedgehog.

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The sea with large waves, rainbows and the sun (middle part)

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