~ Looking for Paradise ~

Hector Hedgehog is looking for paradise. While searching he meets his friend Holly Hedgehog. Since she is looking for herbs for her grandparents, they decide to do it together. While searching and playing they meet the animals of the forest, which help them to find the herbs. But they do not know where to look for Hector’s paradise. He has to find it himself. Finally, when both of them feel butterflies in their bellies, they think they are very close to finding it.

Cover of "Looking for Paradise"


Looking for Paradise

The scenery is divided into three parts. The scenery to stage left shows some little islands. Herbs grow on the islands. On the central scenery you can see a meadow with trees, flowers, butterflies and birds. The scenery to stage right shows some herbs between bushes and trees. The three Narrators are sitting in front of the scenery to stage right.

Narrator 1:    Once upon a time there was a little hedgehog. His name was Hector.

The little hedgehog enters the stage and walks a few times from one side to the other. He seems to be looking for something.

Narrator 2:    One day he strolled across a meadow.

The little hedgehog walks sniffing from one side of the stage to the other again.

Narrator 3:    Then the little hedgehogess came running to the meadow. Her name was Holly.

The three narrators leave the stage. Holly Hedgehog comes on the stage. (She carries a basket.) For a while she watches the little hedgehog walking from one side to the other. Then she says.

Holly Hedgehog:    Hello, Hector.

Hector Hedgehog:    Hello, Holly.

Holly Hedgehog:    Hector, what are you doing?

Hector Hedgehog:    I am looking for the paradise.

Holly Hedgehog:    It is probably hard to find, Hector. Not even the scholars know where it is.

Hector Hedgehog:    I know.

Holly Hedgehog:    I have to look for medicinal herbs for my grandma and my grandpa.

Hector Hedgehog:    Are they sick?

Holly Hedgehog:    Yes, they are. Grandpa suffers from rheumatism and grandma has a bad cough and a sick gall-bladder.


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