~ The First Day of School ~

This play is about the very first day of school for Nina and Jens. Nina asks the older pupils to sing and dance for them. She convinces Jens that there are lots of great things to learn and do at school: painting and making crafts, learning about animals, finding friends and other fantastic things. Now both go joyously and full of expectations into their classroom to greet their new teacher.


The First Day of School

The stage set is divided into three parts. The left and the right parts show fields with flowers, trees and butterflies. On the central part one can se a school yard and many children. One child stands in the center of the stage.

Child:    Dear children of the first grade. We will now show you a play. It is called: The First day of School.

The child leaves the stage. Peter and Mary come on stage, music plays. They carry their satchels and their first-day-cones in their arms. (Names naturally can be changed.)

Mary:    Good morning, Peter.

Peter:    Hello, Mary.

Mary:    It is a beautiful day today, isn’t it, Peter?

Peter:    Yes, you are right.

Mary:    I am really looking forward to it and I am so excited.

Peter:    And what are you looking forward to, Mary?

Mary:    To everything that we will soon be doing at school.

Peter:    We will learn reading, writing and arithmetic. Are you looking forward to it?

Mary:    Yes, because it is all very special. Because once that I can read, I will be able to read any story from anywhere in the world all by myself and I won’t need to wait until someone else reads it to me. And this is far from all that we will be learning.

Peter:    What else?

Mary:    For example singing, playing the flute, the glockenspiel and the guitar.

Peter:    I’ve already learnt how to sing in the Kindergarten, I won’t need to learn it anymore.

Mary:    Really? So can you sing with everyone else together in a choir as well?

Peter:    I don’t know exactly.

Mary:    And can you play an instrument yet, Peter?

Peter:    No.


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