~ Sindbad ~

The story of „Sindbad“ belongs to the tales of 1001 Nights, which since their rediscovery in Europe in the 18th century are associated with a fantastic and colourful image of the ancient Orient. It is the struggle between good and bad, poor and rich etc. that shows the acting common to all human beings. Three adventures of Sindbad are told: the paradise island, the bird Rock and Sindbad´s imprisonment and slavery.




The stage set consists of three parts. The left part shows the interior of an arabic house. In front of this “house”, five cushions are put on the floor. The centre part shows an arabic city with a port (the port of Basra with a” dhow”). In this ”dhow”, three children (the Captain and the merchants) are sitting; if possible, invisible for the auditory.). The right part shows an idyllic island in the sea. This “island” later on turns out to be a big fish which will move in the course of the first scene. Scheherazade is sitting on a cushion on the right brim of the stage. An Arabic tune can be heard for a short time.


Two children come to the brim of the stage.

Child 1:    Dear audience, you surely all know the Arabian Nights.

Child 2:    1,000 years ago, these tales have been told by beautiful and bright Scheherazade. She told these tales to the king, each night a different one, for 1001 nights.

Child 1:     And now, Scheherazade will tell three of her tales to you.

Scheherazade bows with her hands folded.

Child 2:    She will tell you about three voyages of Sindbad the Sailor.

The children leave the stage

End of the prologue


First Act: Sindbad’s first voyage
1st scene

An arabic tune can be heard, Sinbad, his parents, two of his friends and two dancers come on stage . All sit down on the cushions, except of the dancers. The men are wearing huge turbans, the women wear veils. A placard shows: "Sindbad’s first Voyage"

Scheherazade:    Once upon a time, there lived a rich merchant by the name of Sinbad in Baghdad. You can see him here (points to him) in his house where he is giving a feast for his friends.

Now the dancers do a short dance to the Arabic tune.

Friend 1:    Sindbad, this feast is marvellous. But how sad that it’s a good-bye feast we’re celebrating, since you’re going on a long and dangerous journey tomorrow.

Sindbad:    Yes, my dear friend, so it is. But Allah will protect me.

Friend 2:    Sindbad, you have all a man’s heart may desire: houses, precious clothing, exquisite fare, servants, slaves, and good friends, all here in Baghdad. Why do you want to leave for such a dangerous journey?

Sindbad:    You’re right, my dear friend, I’m not missing anything here. But I’m wondering if there is more in life than only pleasure.

Mother:    My son, each hour you’re away from us we will be worried about you.

Father:    Allah knows all and guides all, and He woke this desire in your heart. We mortals have to obey Him. Come back safe and sound, my son.

Father, mother, the friends, and the dancers leave the stage.
We hear the Arabic tune for a short while.

Scheherazade:    So Sindbad left Baghdad the next day and went for the port of Basra, to look for a ship. He took many goods with him since he wanted to trade on his voyage.

Now the ship’s crew stands up and Sindbad approaches them.

Proposals for sceneries:

Left part: The pirates (scene 1, last journey, right side)
Right Part: Interior of Ali´s house (scene 2, last journey, right side)


A beautiful seaport (scene 2, 1st journey, central part)

Photos of a production: 


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