~ The Shooting Stars ~

Hector Hedgehog admires the beautifully glittering stars and wishes he could travel to them. The moon tells him how to do this: he must find a shooting star to take him there. In the course of many long nights he meets many shooting stars, but none of them is big enough to carry him to the stars. However, Hector does not lose hope and is confident that one day he will be able to realise his dream. 

Cover of "The Shooting Stars"


The Shooting Stars

The stage set is divided into three. The central section shows the night sky full of stars, with shooting stars too. The scenery to stage left shows the Milky Way. The scenery to stage right shows the crescent moon. Six narrators sit in front of the set, three to stage right and three to stage left.

Narrator 1:   Once upon a time there was a little hedgehog. Her name was Holly.

Holly Hedgehog enters.

Narrator 2:   One night she went for a stroll across a meadow.

Narrator 3:   The moon was shining in the sky.

Narrator 4:   The light of the Milky Way was gleaming gently.

Narrator 5:   And the stars glittered and twinkled and looked very beautiful.

Some stars dance onto the stage.

Holly Hedgehog:   Stars, how beautiful you are! I would love to make a journey to you in the sky.

The stars dance again, then leave the stage.

Narrator 6:   But Holly Hedgehog didn’t know how to travel to the stars. So she decided to ask the moon.

The moon enters from behind the audience.

Holly Hedgehog:   Good evening, Moon.

Moon:   Good evening, Holly Hedgehog.

Holly Hedgehog:   Moon, can you tell me how to travel to the stars?

Moon:   Yes, I can tell you how to travel to the stars. You must ask a shooting star to take you there.

Holly Hedgehog:   I thank you, Moon. I’ll do that.

The moon leaves the auditorium.

Narrator 1:   Now Holly Hedgehog gazed up at the sky, waiting for a shooting star.

A shooting star dances onto the stage from the audience.  

Holly Hedgehog:   Good evening, Shooting Star.

Shooting Star 1:   Good evening, Holly Hedgehog.


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