~ The Pond ~

This play is about communication problems between people of different cultural backgrounds. The little hedgehogs and the fish in the pond represent the people with different backgrounds. Holly hedgehog wants to know whether fish do or do not kiss. Communication problems arise, when they try to find this out.


The Pond

The stage scenery is divided into three parts. On the scenery to stage left you can see a field with trees, flowers and butterflies. The scenery to stage right shows the surface of a pond which exactly reflects the trees, the clouds and the sky. On the lower part of the central scenery one can see the underwater world of the pond. The bottom is sloping from the left to the right. One can see a shoal of fish, underwater plants and reeds. The underwater world reaches higher than the children. On the upper part the sky and the sun are visible. The reeds reach above the water surface. At the level of the surface of he pond, a foil with two big holes is stretched over the central part of the stage. The holes are big enough for the kids to put their heads through. Exactly underneath the holes chairs or a table are placed. In front of the left stage set sit two narrators.

Narrator 1:    Once upon a time there was a little hedgehog. His name was                           Hector.

Narrator 2:    One day he went for a walk in the field.

Hector Hedgehog comes on stage and walks up and down in front of the left stage set several times while some music plays. And then he stops.

Narrator 1:    And then came the little hedgehogess. Her name was Holly.

Now Holly Hedgehog comes on stage and stops in front of Hector Hedgehog. Some music plays. The narrators leave the stage.

Holly Hedgehog:    Good morning, Hector.

Hector Hedgehog:    Good morning, Holly.

Holly Hedgehog:    Listen, Hector, do you know the saying:
                               In the end no one will ever know,
                               If fishes ever kiss or no.
                               Above water they wouldn’t do it,
                               Under water we couldn’t see it.

Hector Hedgehog:    Yes I do. My grandmother sometimes says it when                                          she’s unsure about something.

Holly Hedgehog:    But tell me, Hector, what’s the truth? Do they kiss or don’t                                they?

Hector Hedgehog:    I don’t know.

Holly Hedgehog:    I would like to know! Shall we try and find out?

Hector Hedgehog:    Yes, but how are we going to do it?

Holly Hedgehog:    We go to the little pond over there at the edge of our                                    field and simply ask the fishes.

She points to the pond


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