~ I am so sad! ~

Hector Hedgehog meets his friend Holly. She is not as happy as usual but very sad and doesn’t know why. He tries to cheer her up which lasts but a short moment. The animals of the wood also try to take away her sadness. But even their dancing and singing does not help much. That makes Hector feel very sad too. Through his sadness Holly suddenly understands what real friendship means, because only real friends show so much sympathy for each other. Being aware of this it makes them both happy again.


I am so sad!

The scenery to stage left shows several ducks on a pond. The central section shows a meadow with flowers and butterflies. On the he scenery to stage right one can see robins and squirrels in the branches of a tree. Three narrators introduce the scene.

Narrator 1:    Once upon a time there was a little boy hedgehog. His name was Hector.

Narrator 2:        One day he went for a walk in a meadow with flowers and butterflies.

Hector Hedgehog comes on stage, and music plays.

Narrator 3:        And there was a little girl hedgehog. Her name was Holly.

Holly Hedgehog comes on stage. The narrators leave.

Holly Hedgehog:    Good morning, Hector Hedgehog.

Hector Hedgehog:    Good morning, Holly Hedgehog. How are you?

Holly Hedgehog:    I am so sad!

Hector Hedgehog:    Oh, but that’s awful! Why are you so sad, Holly Hedgehog?

Holly Hedgehog:    I don’t know. When I woke up this morning I just noticed that I felt sad. I feel like that sometimes.

Hector Hedgehog:    When I am sad, I’ve always got a reason for it.

Holly Hedgehog:    You’re lucky.

Hector Hedgehog:    I’ll cheer you up!

Holly Hedgehog:    And how will you do that, Hector Hedgehog?

Hector Hedgehog:    I’ll think of something. (He thinks for a while, and then searches for something in his pocket. He pulls out a sweet.) Here, Holly Hedgehog, I’ve got a toffee. Have it! Perhaps it’ll help.

Holly Hedgehog:     (putting the toffee in her mouth) They always stick to your teeth, but they taste nice! (She sucks for a little while.) Right, I’ve finished it now.

Hector Hedgehog:    Did it help?


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