~ The Dream Bird ~

Hector Hedgehog meets a beautifully coloured bird. But the bird flies away and now Hector looks for it all over the world but cannot find it. Finally the wise owl, who knows everything, tells him what he must do to find the beautiful bird again.

Cover of "The Dream Bird"


The Dream Bird

The central section of the scenery shows an immense and colourful bird. The scenery to stage left shows an Arctic landscape with a polar bear and reindeer. The scenery to stage right shows a savanna landscape with elephants and a lion. Three narrators sit to stage right and three more to stage left.

Narrator 1:        Once upon a time there was a little hedgehog. Her name was Holly.

Holly Hedgehog comes on stage.

Narrator 2:        One day she went for a walk in a meadow.

Narrator 3:    All at once a brightly coloured bird flew down and landed before her very eyes.

The Dream Bird flies onto the stage and swoops majestically down towards Holly Hedgehog, landing in front of her.

Holly Hedgehog:    Brightly coloured bird, how beautiful you are!

Narrator 4:        But the Dream Bird soon rose up into the sky again.

Holly Hedgehog:    Brightly coloured bird, stay here with me! I like you so much.

Narrator 5:    But the brightly coloured bird cannot have heard what the little hedgehog said. Gracefully, he flew away.

Narrator 6:        How sad Holly Hedgehog felt!

Holly Hedgehog cries and rubs her eyes.

Narrator 1:    So Holly Hedgehog walked all around looking for the brightly coloured bird, and asked all animals if they had seen the wonderful creature.

Holly Hedgehog walks all around, searching. Meanwhile a small group of squirrels comes on stage and dances a woodland squirrels’ dance. When the dance is over they say

Squirrels:        We are the squirrels that can leap from tree to tree.

Holly Hedgehog:    Sporty squirrels, have you seen the brightly coloured bird?

Squirrel 1:        No, Holly Hedgehog, we have not.

Squirrel 2:        Brown is the colour we have eyes for little hedgehog.

Squirrel 3:        The colour of the nuts we love!


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