~ The Christmas Story ~

The Christmas Story begins with the angel’s annunciation of Jesus’ birth and ends with Mary’s and Joseph’s escape to Egypt. Mary, who is soon expecting, and Joseph are on their way to their hometown of Bethlehem for a census ordered by Emperor Augustus. In Persia the astronomers Casper, Melchior and Balthasar discover the star of Bethlehem, which they interpret as a sign for the birth of a great king who is to bring hope and peace to mankind. Thereupon they set out on the journey to Bethlehem. Five shepherds hear the announcement of the Saviour’s birth by an angel and go to greet the child in the stable of Bethlehem. Finally, Casper, Melchior and Balthasar arrive at the stable of Bethlehem, greet the child with presents and advise Mary and Joseph to flee from Herod. 



Scene 2

Child 1:    Does this star mean anything, dad?

Kaspar:    Yes, it reveals the birth of a very great king.

Wife 2:    I find that it‘s nothing special. There were uncountable big kings. Unfortunately it was always the case that the bigger the king, the greater and more dreadful the wars that he led.

Melchior:    So far there has never been a king who was revealed through such a bright star. This is why I believe that this king will be a very special king. Perhaps even one who will rule all without wars.

Wife 2:    Then he would fulfil the hope of all people and he would really be a very big king.

The wives and children leave the stage.

Balthasar:    I want to see this new king. What do you think? Shouldn’t we travel to the West together and visit him in order to pay tribute to him?

Kaspar:    Yes we should do that.

Melchior:    But it will be a very long and dangerous journey to get there. What will our wives say to it?

Balthasar:    They will understand that scholars like us cannot miss the birth of such a king. Come, let’s pack and go to the next oasis. From there we will join a caravan to the West.

Kaspar:    But first we have to say good bye to our wives and children.

They put some items inside bags, take them on their backs and leave the stage. A Christmas carol plays.

- End of scene 2-

Scene 3

In Bethlehem

The stage set is divided into two parts. On the left one can see the inside of a stable with animals. The stable has a flat roof. Above there are some more white houses with flat roofs and further above, the stars and the sky. To the right a landscape at nigh can be seent. In the sky there are many very small stars, the Milky Way and a large star. On the earth one can make out a flock of sheep. A Christmas carol is sung and a sign reads ‘In Bethlehem’. Mary and Joseph stand in front of a cradle. If possible they are spotlighted so that the shepherds who are in front of the right stage set can not be seen. Mary takes the child from the cradle onto her arm. She says.

Mary:    I have a beautiful child, more perfect than a flower made from gold. I wouldn’t give it away for the whole of Galilee and Israel. (Music playing)

She puts the child back into the cradle.

Joseph:    Mary, this child has been born for all the people in the world.

Mary:    I know, Joseph, and this is why my heart is a bit scared as well.

Joseph:    God will protect us and his child. Look, already yesterday he helped us again, when he provided this accommodation for us. Even though there was no space left anywhere.

Now the spotlight is taken off Mary and Joseph and moved to the shepherds. One can hear the bleating of sheep and the howling of the wind. The resting shepherds pull their blankets up.

Shepherd 1:    It is just another cold night.

Shepherd 2:    I will try to fan the fire.

Does that. Now, if possible, the night sky should be spotlighted by an additional light which would make it even brighter. The shepherds then make gestures which show that they are fearful. For instance they put their hands in front of their eyes, move closer together, etc. The voice of an angel speaks.

Angel:    Don’t be afraid. I am announcing a great fortune which will be shared by all people. Because today the Saviour is born, who is Christ, the Lord. And here is my clue: you will find the child wrapped in a cloth and lying in a cradle. (music playing)

Now a choir takes over.

Choir:    Shall God in the sky be honoured and may peace on earth bring pleasure to the people.

The light is now dimmed back down again.

Shepherd 3:    Let us go to Bethlehem and witness the story which happened there!

They go to the stable. The light follows them.

Shepherd 4(pointing to the child in the cradle): Look, there is the child in the cradle, just as predicted!

Shepherd 5:    It really is the Saviour for all people, also for us.

Shepherd 1:    Let us pray to it!

They go down on their knees. After a short while they get back up and give presents to Mary and Joseph.

Shepherd 1:    Here you are. I’m sure you can do with some milk.

Gives Joseph the milk.


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